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Possible Reasons why your Tap is Leaking

There are many reasons why you may have a leaking tap. With anything that involves water, there’s always the possibility of items becoming damaged and corroding over time. Luckily, there are many ways to fix the common causes of leaking taps.

You May Have a Leaking Tap Due to Worn Washers

One of the main reasons for a leaking tap is a worn washer. The washer is a device that rests against the valve seat. Friction between the washer and valve can cause the washer to degrade over time. An ill-fitting washer may also be one of the causes of a leaking tap.

Replace the Washers

To fix the leaking tap, you’ll need to replace the washers. This is a simple maintenance task and should be easy to complete. Just as you would when carrying out any other repair task, you’ll want to turn off the water supply. First, remove the valve with a spanner to expose the washer. Next, use the spanner again to remove the washer. Once the washer is removed, you can replace it with one of the same size and reattach the valve.

Loose Connections

Your leaking tap may be caused by a loose connection. The connectors are the things that link the tap to the main water line. If these were to become loose, there’s bound to be a leak.

Tighten the Connections

This problem can be solved by tightening the connections. To do this, you will need to first turn off the water supply and find the leaking connection. Using a wrench, turn the tap locking nut clockwise as much as possible to tighten it.

Damaged Valves Causes a Leaking Tap

One of the main causes of a leaking tap is a damaged valve seat. The valve seat is what prevents the water from moving when the tap is turned off, meaning it can be subject to excessive pressure causing it to corrode over time or degrade from general wear and tear.

Replace the Valves

The valve seat can as long as you have the correct tools. To fix your leaky tap, you’ll need a seat spanner. Take the seat spanner, insert it into the seat, and turn it anticlockwise to loosen the current valve seat. Once loose, remove the old valve and replace it with one of the exact same type.

Leaking Taps Due to Clogged Aerators

On a tap, the aerator is the fitting that attaches to the tip of most taps. The purpose of the aerator is to add air to the water flow, to make the stream more consistent. Over time, the aerator can become clogged, causing an erratic stream or a leaking tap.

Clean the Aerators

Cleaning the tap’s aerators is a simple task. You can use your hand, or some pliers if the aerator is stuck, to turn the aerator anticlockwise. Once removed, take apart the aerator, and clean it using a thin item such as a paper clip or toothpick. To remove any stubborn mineral deposits, you can soak the aerator parts in vinegar overnight. Once fully cleaned, you can put the aerator back together and reattach it to the tap. The leaky tap should now be fixed.

Domestic Plumbing with Corvee Services

Here at Corvee Services, we offer a range of plumber Kettering services. We are dedicated to installing and repairing your taps and other plumbing features, while focusing on water conservation. Contact Corvee Services today to learn more water saving tips.


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