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Is It Better to Keep Your Heating On All Day or Turn It Off?

Saving money is now more important to UK homes than ever, so it’s time to look into some of those money-saving myths in greater detail. First up - is it better to keep your heating on all day or turn it off?

While this was a myth a few years ago, actually, keeping your heating on low all day isn’t as cost-effective as turning it off completely when you don’t need it.

There are some engineers that might argue that a home that’s prone to damp will use more energy when heating up the home from scratch and that turning the heating off may leave the home open to more damp, which could ultimately cause more damage.

However, with the majority of homes, the extra insulation that is added during the building process means that the heat stays within the walls for longer. So, even during the winter, it’s more beneficial to just heat the home when you’re there and feel cold.

If you’re out of the home for a lot of the day, for example, if you go out to work, then the amount of energy it takes to heat your home is much less than keeping a low heat throughout the day. You’ll even feel warmer too.

What Else Can I Do To Keep Costs Low?

To keep your home warm and to reduce your costs, there are a few things that you can do. Obviously wearing a jumper or an extra pair of socks would be number one.

However, purchasing a timer or automated thermostat is an excellent way to keep your home warm when you need it and turn it off when you don’t. If you have a regular routine, you can set your heating to come on half an hour before you enter your home. That way, it’s ready for you when you get there, but you haven’t had to use a ton of energy leaving it on throughout the day.

Certain systems can even be accessed from your mobile device. This means that you can tell your heating to turn on just before you arrive home. For people with a busy schedule, this is an excellent option, as you can even turn the heating off when you aren’t in the house. If you’re going to be late home, or if you just forgot to turn it off before you left, you can always make adjustments from your phone to save energy.

Save Money with Regular Heating Servicing

Another way to save money is to have your heating serviced regularly. Making sure your heating system is always working at the optimum level can increase its efficiency. It will provide the same level of heat using less energy - meaning your energy bills will naturally reduce.

Here at Corvee Services, we’ll send out a professional heating engineer in Kettering or the surrounding areas to help your heating run as efficiently as possible. We’ll strip down your system, carry out in-depth testing and complete necessary repairs to make sure you’re warm and cosy. If your heating needs some tender loving care, contact us today to arrange for an engineer visit.


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