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How Much Do Bathroom Renovations Cost?

It’s important to have a bathroom that you’re relaxed and comfortable in. It’s the place in your home where you have the most personal time so it needs to reflect your personality and your style preferences. It’s also important to keep your bathroom clean, up to date, and fresh, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself in a nice hot bubble bath or take advantage of your power shower.

People often shy away from bathroom renovations because of the amount of work needed, the time that it takes, and the costs. However, bathroom installations are available on a budget if you know what you’re looking for and can transform your bathroom’s design.

What Should I Change About My Bathroom?

Bathroom renovation costs can vary depending on what it is that you’re wanting to change. If your bathroom doesn’t need too many changes, you may only want to change certain elements of the bathroom to give it a refresh. To give you an idea of how much a bathroom installation costs, let’s explore some example prices for your essential bathroom fixtures:

Toilet - Up to £140

Bath - Up to £350

Vanity Unit - Up to £150

Taps - Up to £90

Shower - Up to £500

Extractor Fan - Up to £150

Tiles - Up to £1000

Flooring - Up to £1000 (£1750 with underfloor heating)

Additions (Towel Rail/Spotlights etc.) - Up to £500

What Is The Average Cost Of A Bathroom Renovation?

The cost of a bathroom remodel entirely depends on the size and style of your bathroom. High-end hotel-style bathrooms with standalone baths and vast 2-person waterfall-showers can cost anywhere from £3000-£4000. However, a small bathroom refit could be done for less than £2000 if you're smart with the funds.

How To Cut Costs

Getting A Quote

Always obtain a few quotes before you go ahead with a bathroom fitter. Bathroom installations can be tricky, and you need to ensure that you’ve got the right people for the job. First, shop around for the exact materials that you want in your bathroom to achieve your perfect interior design.

The professional service you choose should be able to quote you for the sourcing of the materials, the fitting itself, and the time that it will take. If you’re wanting a full remodel where larger bathroom items will be moved around - if you want your bath in a different place, for example - then this will be a little more expensive.

Workmen’s Rates

Lots of people will immediately fall on trying to source their own materials as they’ll feel it’s cheaper. There’s a misconception that the price for professionals is built up because they stick a little extra on to the bill for the materials, so they make a profit. However, the extra costs are actually due to the time that it’ll take to do the work.

The time taken will be much shorter if you get someone who already knows what they’re doing. The price for materials will also be much cheaper if you go with a professional bathroom installation service as they’ll get builder’s rates when it comes to sourcing materials..


There are certain aspects of your new bathroom installation that you could DIY if you’re set on learning a new skill. Certain minor things in your bathroom can easily be fitted at home yourself just by watching a YouTube video - just remember to turn the water off first! However, if you want the highest-quality bathroom installation, always choose the professionals.

To cut down the time for the refit and save costs on damages if you happen to do it wrong and give you that perfect, showroom finish, it’s always better to spend a little extra on professional bathroom installers. To get in contact with our bathroom fitting team call us on 01536 680920 or fill out our enquiry form to be contacted by one of our highly trained team members.


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