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Why is Copper used in Plumbing?

Copper’s the best choice of material for many purposes, including wiring, flushing and plumbing. Though there are other materials that have been used for delivering water and some are still being used, copper is the one that is very common for plumbing purposes. Different people use copper for one reason or another. According to research done, copper has been found out to be the safest and the most appropriate material that’s supposed to be used for plumbing. Here are the major reasons why copper has been and is still being used for plumbing purposes:

Copper Pipes

1. It’s Non-Toxic

Copper water pipes have been proven to be relatively non-toxic compared to other options. It’s a natural material and according to researches that have been done on it, it’s been proven to be very safe for human and other biotic lives. It isn’t lead that was found to be extremely injurious to health. Being non-toxic, copper is, therefore, the number one material for plumbing in most places.

2. It’s Non-Permeable

As water is being delivered in pipes, there are chances that the piping used will come in contact with potential contaminants. If the pipe is permeable, the water being delivered will get contaminated and will become a health hazard. Copper is non-permeable and doesn’t absorb any substances that it comes in contact with. Hence, the water supply stays protected.

3. Don’t Corrode Easily

Unlike pipes made from iron water pipes, copper water pipes don’t corrode so easily. Most other materials will be corroded by whatever corrosion agent that they come in contact with. Copper, on the other hand, is resistant to corrosion and hence, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of it happening if you’re water pipes are made from copper.

4. Easier to Work With

Copper is much softer compared to lead or copper. This means that for plumbing purposes, it’s much easier to work with. You can shape the metal easily. It can also be easily joined by brazing or soldering making them have relatively lower costs of installation than materials like lead or iron.

5. Has Lower Installation Costs

As indicated above, the work to be done on copper piping is much less than that required by lead or even iron. Since it’s ductile, joints and elbows can be eliminated more easily. This improves the integrity of the piping as well as lowers the cost of installation.

6. Copper Pipes are Durable

Copper metal has the ability to handle extreme heat and doesn’t lose its shape or strength in the process. They can deal with high water pressure and have the ability to resist corrosion. This minimises the possible damages that may be caused by them, hence, making them more durable.

7. It's are Cost-Effective

Copper offers you the value for your money. This is because they have lower installation costs and are more durable compared to other plumbing metals.

8. Copper is Eco-Friendly

Copper is a recyclable material making it very friendly to the environment. It’s also an abundant resource that impacts the environment minimally.

9. Can Add Value to a Home

The fittings of copper add value to the home as they’re looking nice aesthetically and will appeal to a potential home buyer when you want to sell your home.

10. It’s Low-Maintenance

Since copper doesn’t require painting to protect it from corrosion, the amount of maintenance it requires is minimal. Even with this low maintenance need, it still appeals to the eye.


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