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Oven Maintenance Tips to Take Care of Your Oven

Keeping the oven clean is a job that many people overlook due to all of the other demanding housework tasks there are complete. Allowing your oven to build up grime could lead to hygiene issues and a big cleaning job down the line.

However, this can be easily avoided by following some simple oven cleaning maintenance tips. By incorporating these cleaning tips into your daily or weekly routine, you will find your oven remains clean and avoids any nasty build ups of grime. This blog will share some great tips to help you take care of your oven.

Oven Maintenance: Clean it Regularly

This seems like the most obvious tip. However, to prevent the build-up of grime and burnt food, conducting regular cleaning is the most effective way to ensure your oven remains clean. The best way to do this is to ensure that cleaning the oven is part of your general cleaning routine.

Whenever you conduct a deep clean of your kitchen, make sure that it also includes the oven. If you do it often enough, you will find that it only needs minimal cleaning to get it gleaming. Leaving burnt food to fester will lead to your oven becoming less efficient over time and affect the taste and smell of all future food you cook.

Oven Maintenance: Don't remove Oven Knobs

Although it can be highly satisfying cleaning under the oven’s knobs to ensure that your surfaces are 100% clean, it can cause a health and safety risk by doing so. This is because the knobs on your oven are connected directly to the control system.

Therefore, removing knobs and then spraying areas with any liquid cleaner has the potential to cause electrocution. Because of this, it is always better to leave oven knobs where they are and clean around them as best as possible.

Oven Maintenance: Always Unplug it

Although this might be only a minor precaution, is it worth the risk of electrocution? Ovens are electrical appliances and therefore do not do well with moisture. So before you start spraying the inside of your oven with a cleaner, make sure that you have disconnected it from the mains so you can clean the oven safely.

Oven Maintenance: Check your Element

It is easy for food to spit once it reaches boiling temperature. Therefore it is essential to remember to check your oven’s element each time it comes to cleaning. Food can quickly become stuck to the element causing it to smoke and give off a burning smell. If you can see burnt-on food on your element, always make sure it is entirely cool, unplug your oven, and remove any burnt food.

Oven Maintenance: Don't forget your Racks

It's easy to overlook your oven racks when cleaning. However, it's better to get them done along with the rest of your oven. They can easily be removed and left to soak in the sink while you work on the oven. Then, once the oven is clean, you can wipe them down and leave your whole oven feeling and looking spotless.

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