How to Keep Warm in Winter

Keeping warm in cold weather is not easy, but if you follow these tips you can stay warm in the cold season.

If you have a boiler at home, you should consider having a gas service done by a professional. This is to ensure that the boiler does not break down in winter and that it runs efficiently, giving the owner peace of mind throughout all seasons. Some homeowners however tend to prefer DIY instead of hiring an expert. This is not a good approach because a professional possesses much-needed skills, experience and tools for the job. On the other hand, if you do it yourself, you might end up missing important details and be left with a faulty boiler for the winter period.

You need to wrap up warm by wearing a hat, a scarf and even gloves. If you are going outside, you need to wear gumboots or heavy-duty shoes to ensure that your feet are warm. When wrapping up warm, clothes that are made from cotton and wool tend to be the best as they are the warmest. If you are spending most of your time indoors, you need to wear warm socks and slippers to not only keep warm but also to be cosy.

You need to maintain the temperature of your main living room at 18 to 21°C, with the rest of your house at 16°C. Your central heating system should be working perfectly during the winter season, and if it develops any problems you need to hire a contractor as soon as possible to have it fixed. If you cannot have the HVAC heat all the rooms simultaneously, you can heat your living room during the day and then your bedroom just before you go to sleep. While sleeping, you might have to use an electric blanket or a hot water bottle to keep the warmth.

Staying Warm in Winter

Eating foods that generate warmth is recommended to keep your body at a good temperature. However, the type of food and drinks you have can be determined by your preference, budget and location. Having regular hot drinks and foods such as stews, tea/coffee, porridge and soup can keep you warm all throughout the winter period. If you don’t know how to prepare any of the foods or drinks, you can check recipes online or watch tutorials on how you can do it. It may seem like the only thing left to do after this is to ensure that your TV aerial is in working and to relax all day, but you should try and also stay active as possible, which leads us onto the next point.

Staying active can help you generate some warmth. There are a number of things you can do to stay active, including light exercises or moving around at least every hour. This can help to boost your blood circulation and thus keep you warm. You don’t have to exercise outside or in the cold either, as simple exercises such as lunges, sit-ups, jogging, push-ups, etc. can be done while still in the comfort of your home.

Finally, keeping all the doors and windows closed (unless you have to open them) can help keep your house warm. In fact, you could even buy thermal linings for your curtains to help keep the heat inside the house.

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