Common Causes of Boiler Breakdowns

Although boilers manufactured today are built to last, there will always be problems along the way that stop your boiler from functioning as it should. This can prove particularly problematic in the colder months.

However, routine services will help maintain your boiler's longevity and reduce the risk of it breaking down. This blog will look at some of the common causes of a boiler breakdown, allowing you to diagnose boiler issues before they cause a significant problem.

Boiler Service

Lack of servicing is one of the most common causes of a boiler breakdown. The cruel irony is that you will often see your boiler struggling to keep your house warm in the winter months. This is because, in the summer, the boiler has been left mostly unused. If you don't have the foresight to have your boiler serviced during the summer months. In that case, you could find yourself in a chilling situation come winter.

Boiler parts go through heavy thermal and mechanical ware, meaning they will need to be checked regularly and replaced if needed. Rust and corrosion can build up over time and cause issues later down the line. Having these boiler issues fixed before they turn into a bigger problem is always the way to go to maximise your boiler's lifespan.

Another reason to consider having your boiler serviced regularly is that dirty water and sludge can build up in the pipes over time. This can cause all sorts of problems, such as blockages and leaking pipes. Therefore, ensuring your boiler is serviced by a professional will give you peace of mind throughout winter and allow you to keep your home heated without interruption.

Frozen Pipes

If not correctly insulated, the boiler's condensation pipe on your property's exterior is prone to freeze. This can cause your boiler to completely stop working and has the potential to burst the condensation pipe, which can result in more problems. A professional should be called-out to defrost your pipe correctly and will be able to advise you on pipe insulation going forward.


A malfunctioning thermostat could be the culprit behind an underheated home. If you suspect your thermostat might be malfunctioning, having it recalibrated by a professional is the surest way to get it working again. Thermostats a

re susceptible to losing accuracy easily from slight knocks or long-term wear and tear. Another option for older thermostats is to replace them entirely with a more modern, energy-efficient model.

Pilot Light

The pilot light will shut off to prevent explosive gas build-up in the pipes; this will avert the gas from leaking into your home. Suppose you can smell gas in your home. In that case, you should always reach out to a gas safety professional rather than relight the pilot light yourself.

Pressure Level

A loss of pressure can be a sure indicator that you need to replace the pressure release valve. This boiler issue can be fixed easily by a professional, so don't attempt it yourself if you are unsure. It could lead to much bigger problems if not installed correctly.

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