The Importance of Regular Safety Inspections on Commercial Plumbing

We all depend on indoor plumbing. However, many of us might not know just how intricate and sensitive these systems can actually be! Therefore, especially in a commercial environment, it makes sense to ensure that you have specialists on hand who can run regular checks and repairs for you. Commercial repairs on your plumbing, however, can be costly. There are plenty of other reasons why it’s never worth leaving safety inspections until the last minute.

Let’s consider a few reasons why commercial plumbing inspections are so important, and what might happen if you don’t book visits and appointments regularly.

Your Client and Employee Safety is at Stake

If you really care about your clients, employees, and customers, then you will always make sure that all your building fixtures and fittings are safe and fit for purpose. Otherwise, you may be at risk of causing someone genuine harm.

Faulty plumbing is not only likely to be majorly inconvenient, it’s likely to be a safety hazard, too. Leaks can lead to flooding, burst pipes even more so. What’s more, if there is any risk of raw sewage entering your premises, you will be risking spreading disease to all who use your building.

Therefore, if you really want to keep your people safe from harm’s way, you’ll make sure to set up regular plumbing inspections to ensure everything is running smoothly.

You Have a Duty of Service and Care

It’s all well and good to assume that your commercial plumbing is going to withstand years of regular use. But unless you carry out plumbing inspections yourself, how can you really know that for sure? You can’t.

Depending on the business and commercial services you run, you will likely have a duty of care to look after your patrons. This fits in nicely with the safety concerns listed above. Crucially, you owe your patrons access to clean running water, working toilets, and confidence that the services you provide are in good working order.

Of course, these standards and expectations may vary from industry to industry, but the principles will always remain the same.

You’ll Save Money

Yes – with regular commercial plumbing inspections, you will very likely save money in the long run. That’s because inspections will ensure that your plumbing is running efficiently and is therefore unlikely to be costing you an arm and a leg in water rates.

What’s more, a regular plumbing inspection will also ensure that you have no need to reach out for commercial repairs. These can be very costly. As they say – and the rules certainly apply here, too – prevention is better than a cure. Therefore, by arranging regular commercial plumbing inspections, you can be sure that you’re preventing the worst-case scenarios from unfolding any time soon.

Running a commercial service, but unsure whether or not you need a plumbing inspection? It’s better to be safe than sorry – get in touch with the professionals, give us a call on 01536 680920 or visit our contact page for more information.

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