Boilers: To Combi or not to Combi

Boilers come in all different shapes and sizes, each with different features and operating instructions. You may have a system boiler, a combi boiler, a condensing boiler or even a regular boiler. With all these different types of boilers, which one should you choose? We aim to help answer this as we focus on the advantages and disadvantages of combi and non-combi boilers. Please note that non-combi boilers are usually referred to as a conventional boiler.

Benefits Of A Combi Boiler

High-Efficiency Boiler

It is a requirement that all combi boilers installed in the UK must have an efficiency rating of at least 92%. The good news is that there is only 8% of the fuel used to generate hot water that gets wasted. This will help to keep costs down, as your energy bills would be lowered.

They are Quick To Install

A combi boiler should generally be quick to set up. This is because everything is within the unit and so there is no need for additional tanks or cylinders.

They Take Up Less Space

A combi boiler can fit easily into a kitchen cupboard as they have a compact design. This is great for homes that lack free space but still will need easy access to their boiler. Essentially you should be able to have a combi boiler installed just about anywhere around the home.

They Provide Instant Hot Water

With a combi boiler, you get instant hot water when you need it and you will not run out of hot water either.

Disadvantages to a Combi Boiler

Not Ideal If You Have Multiple Bathrooms

Does your household have more than one bathroom? The problem is they can only provide hot water to a single tap or shower at a time. Making living with multiple bathrooms become inconvenient.

Can’t Be Installed With Old Pipework

If you’re replacing an existing combi boiler with another combi you should not face a problem. However, if you were replacing an old conventional boiler with a combi the existing heating system may not be able to handle the increased mains water pressure and the pipes and radiators would likely need to be replaced.

Benefits Of A Conventional Boiler

Can Meet Higher Demands For Heating And Hot Water

This is the main advantage of a conventional boiler. If your home has more than 1 bathroom then a conventional boiler can meet this demand for hot water. The hot water is stored in a cylinder so when you turn 2 or more taps on everyone gets their share until the cylinder needs to be refilled.

Conventional Boiler Disadvantages

They Take Up More Space

These boiler types do take up a lot of room due to their external parts. Meaning that if your home requires its internal systems to be space-efficient, a combi boiler may suit your home better.

You Don’t Have Instant Access To Hot Water

When a conventional boiler’s cylinder runs out of the water it will need to be refilled therefore halting the access to hot water.

Heat Loss

Because hot water is stored in a tank or cylinder, it can lose heat while it is waiting to be used.

Both boilers can be a good choice, however, one of the overriding factors is the size of your home. As you can see from the above if you have a bigger house the benefits of a conventional boiler are clear. If you have one bathroom then perhaps you will find one of the many modern combi boilers on offer to be a better choice.

Remember, you should always take into account the cost of boiler repairs and the current central heating system in your home. Certain household setups, and indeed how your household uses water, will affect the boiler choice you should make!

We hope that the information presented in this post is helpful. If you wish to enquire about any of our services then feel free to use our enquiry form, or call us on 01536 680920.

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