Is Your Boiler Due a Service?

Like all equipment and machinery around your house, you need to service your boiler from time to time. But a fairly large amount of homeowners do not actually realise how often they should be taking out a boiler service. If you are one of those people, you should find this a helpful blog! You’ll discover how it does not benefit to leave your boiler unchecked...

To start with, the general advice when it comes to your boiler is to look towards the manufacturer's guidelines. Make sure you always have their contact details somewhere stored in case you need to reach them. However, there are some strong recommendations that a boiler service should adhere to.

The normal recommendation is that a first boiler service should take place 12 months after the installation. This should meet the terms of your warranty. After this, it should then be serviced every 12 months. You should keep a note of when your boiler was serviced so that it is easy to know when the next time is due. Maybe set a reminder on your phone's calendar, or write the date in your diary.

It is very important that a boiler is serviced regularly to help make sure no new problems begin to arise. Some problems could include gas leaks for example. This is why every household should have a carbon monoxide alarm to pick up such an issue easily, without any alarm carbon monoxide is virtually undetectable.

If you are having your boiler serviced regularly by a qualified engineer you are increasing the chances of any issues being picked up before they go undetected and get even worse. It is always worth the time it takes for a boiler service. Especially, when you consider the time it will save in the long term should any issues had been missed and allowed to become a big problem.

What should you do if you realise you have missed your boiler service, especially as this could void your boiler’s warranty? As soon as you realise this, call your manufacturer and see if you can both find a solution. To avoid this situation in the first place, it is worth making sure you completely understand all the terms and conditions regarding your boiler. As well as its installation and warranty conditions from day one and keep all relevant paperwork safe for easy reference.

On the subject of price, you do not always need to pay a lump sum for each boiler service. Manufacturers will usually allow you to pay the cost over multiple months. Again, just check with the relevant company ahead of time.

Speaking of money, it is also worth remembering that the longer you leave your boiler to be serviced the more costly it is going to be in the long run. This is another reason why you need to not leave too big a gap between services. Plus if you are not paying for regular services, you may find yourself having to call an emergency call out that will cost you a lot more money!

You also must keep on top of your boiler’s needs for general reasons. After all, you do not want to risk going without heating or running water for weeks on end. Especially while we are right in the middle of Wintertime!

Please make sure that whoever you book for your boiler service is fully gas safe and trusted. If in doubt do not use them! Make sure whoever is carrying out the work has also made it clear how much you will be charged. How long the service should take. And any further changes for anything that needs fixing and how the cost is payable.

Corvee Services has many experienced heating engineers on hand, so if you are looking at having your boiler looked at or repaired, do not hesitate to call us today on 01536 680920, or visit our contact page for more details.

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