5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Boiler Serviced Annually

It’s often said that prevention is always better than a cure. Well, most people are familiar with the saying but very few actually practice the prevention technique. For most of us, we’re happy as long as something is working for us. We don’t really pay attention to anything until the situation gets out of hand. This is commonly what happens with most people’s boilers. As long as the boiler is working, they don’t bother even checking if everything is alright with it. If you want to stay safe and avoid unnecessary expenses resulting from issues with your boiler, you should ensure it’s serviced annually. Here are the top 5 reasons for this:

Detect Problems with the Boiler Early

We often forget that boilers aren’t only used during the winter. Hot water is used on a daily basis. This means that every single day, the boiler could run into issues. Since we see most boiler problems in the winter due to more rampant use, we don’t pay attention to it the rest of the time. By getting an engineer to service the boiler every year, problems can be identified early and can be addressed before they result in major and costly damages. No matter how small a boiler problem may seem, it’ll actually become major as time goes by.

Cheaper Option Compared to Replacement

The costs you’ll incur in servicing the boiler are much less than what people ordinarily presume that they are. It’s definitely much less than the cost you’d incur when you have to replace the whole boiler. By regularly servicing the boiler, you’ll ensure that it’s running smoothly. It’s, therefore, less likely to break down since any issues are fixed right away. Proper and regular servicing makes the boiler last much longer than if it isn’t maintained regularly. This way, you save yourself the pain of having to dig deeper into your pockets to buy a new boiler altogether.

Save on your Energy Bills

People often argue that regular servicing of the boiler requires them to spend money, which to them isn’t necessary. However, this isn’t always the case. When an engineer comes to service your boiler, they also do a lot of checks to ensure the smooth running of the boiler. This is actually a way to help save money over time. When it’s operating normally, the boiler will require less energy to run. This way, it ensures that your energy bills are as low as possible.


Regular servicing of the boiler isn’t only aimed at preventing extra expenditure and saving bills, it also ensures that the boiler is safe to use. By regularly servicing the boiler, you’re ensuring that the whole family is safe from any health problems that may result from faulty boilers. Annual servicing makes it possible for you to notice problems before they become worse. A faulty boiler can have a serious health effect on you and your loved ones. But this can be avoided by ensuring that annual servicing of the boiler is done.

Stay Under Warranty

Boilers can only stay under guarantee if they’re regularly serviced. Your warranty becomes void if you miss servicing your boiler for over a year. This way you aren’t in a position to claim any repair compensation. It’s therefore, necessary for you to have a closer look at the warranty conditions. If an annual service is among them, ensure you book one every year for as long as the warranty lasts.

If you're unsure whether you need to get your boiler serviced, read the above points for our reasons why you should get it serviced annually.

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