Why should I get my gas appliances serviced annually?

We get asked this question more often than you think! A lot of people see annual gas servicing as 'not vital' but actually it's more important than you think! Let’s face it, gas is scary, so why wouldn't you get your gas checked annually?

When a gas appliance service is carried out, the appliance is stripped down and cleared of debris from all the major components. This includes the burners, flame probes and the condense. Keeping these elements clean means that the flame is always burning clean and things are running smoothly, therefore reducing emissions and all sorts of 'nasty' fumes.

Also the gas operative will check the gas pressures and ratios. This will also pick up any minor (or major!) gas leaks on your system. Some gas leaks can be small enough to go unnoticed for long periods of time, therefore putting your household at risk! If any leaks are detected, your appliance will immediately be made safe and booked for repairs.

CO is known as the silent killer, this is because it is almost impossible for us to detect without the proper equipment. Whilst your service is being carried out the gas operative will also check the CO emissions. Also we usually recommend that every household has a CO alarm, especially those with gas fires! The law recently changed for all Landlords letting properties in which CO alarms must be installed in properties consuming gas (find out more here- www.gov.uk). If extra emissions are detected, your appliance will immediately be made safe and again, booked in for repairs.

Whist our engineer is stripping down your appliance, faults or breakages may also be noticed and repaired. This helps to prevent your appliance failing unexpectedly in the future, and also makes it more reliable when you really need it! After all, nobody wants a broken boiler in the winter months!

Appliance servicing can also help to save you money (and who wouldn't want to save some pennies!?). Regular servicing ensures that your appliance is running 'cleanly' and as it should. This may help to save money on your gas consumptions and over time, it really does make a difference! It also helps to prolong your appliances lifespan. A well looked after appliance will work well for longer!

Also, if you have had a new appliances, most warranties are only valid if you have your appliance serviced annually. Nobody wants to have their warranty cut short!

So really, the better question would be, why wouldn't you? Call us today to book yours in- 01536 526414

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